About our church 

We are a worshiping community in Pype Hayes, the parish outpost for the Church of England. We celebrate the appointment of our new vicar, Rev Trev Meardon, and his family, who joined us in September 2020. He takes up the role of Vicar and Church Planting Incumbent here, in conjunction with Gas Street Church, Birmingham, while we make plans to revitalize the main church and welcome new people alongside our existing church family. This waiting time, while we wait on the plans to be laid and God the Holy Spirit to lead us forward, has been fruitful with relationship building and the beginning of fresh outreach into the community of Pype Hayes. In the meantime, we get on with life - caring for one another, gathering to worship and celebrate all Jesus has done for us, learn from teaching of the bible, and enjoying fellowship with each other and those around us.