Evangelism & Outreach Team

Team Leader: Martin Whitehouse

Team Members: Paul Cockrill, Lyn Cockrill 

Vision: Finding ways for us all to use every opportunity to share the hope we have in Jesus.

Job Description:

SHORT TERM- we need to identify opportunities we already have and have not used, increase our presence in the community by new engagement. No heritage day, need better connections with all church hall users, leaflets in hall explaining us and who we are (Welcome booklet). Not so event driven, Testimonies in church and booklet. Ideas to equip our church members to be more confident sharing the Gospel. More outward looking( not just us and building). To be a praying heart of the community (Transforming church). Beacon heart of Pype Hayes. Baptismal link with cell or course. Planting seeds for the future as we have done in the past.

LONG TERM- using courses for outreach including Alpha, Emmaus or Pilgrim course. Maybe Saturday morning/afternoon. Could use Fresh Expressions or Messy church, times of services, open church. Carol services in public spaces before our carol service, hot cross buns, see what others teams have suggested and be able to help. Explore ways to be more visible.