Funeral Preparation 

One of the aspects of St Mary's ministry to the parish of Pype Hayes is in walking with families who have lost loved ones, showing God's love and sharing his story, to bring hope and peace to them at a difficult and sad time.

Reader Chris Barnsley will meet with the family of the deceased either at home or at the church, for prayer and to discuss the funeral arrangements. The funeral service can take place at St Mary's Church before proceeding to a cemetery or crematorium. Holding the service in church first allows more time for personal and family remembrances to be included. 

For those who do not prefer a church venue, funerals can be held solely at the cemetery or crematorium. Crematorium services are allotted on a strict half hourly basis by the Crematorium, which entrance and exit leaves twenty minutes for the actual service. 

Once a year, St Mary's holds an All Souls' Service, at the beginning of November, where we remember loved ones passed, light a candle of remembrance and have a service in the main church.