Lent is derived from an Old English word, ‘lencten,’ which means ‘spring.’ The season of Lent comes at a time when the hours of daylight are lengthening, as spring approaches. What lessons we have learned this past year of the importance of the Sun’s light to lift our spirits! As we see new life springing from the darkness of the earth, we too can look forward to stretching out and growing in the Spirit.

Lent - 40 days: time to de-clutter our hearts and lives from those things that have held back the growth of our relationship with God, with each other and with all his creation. A season to reflect, to say sorry for those things and leave them at the foot of the cross. Our individual and united opportunity to offer our lives to serve God and all his creation afresh, open to the transformation He longs to bring us, both individually and as a church community, so that we may be ready to celebrate Easter and go out sharing afresh the good news that Jesus has conquered darkness and death. Jesus, our Lord and Saviour is alive! He is our light, our hope and our promise of eternal life.

This year our Lent sermon series is based on Paul’s letter to the church community in Ephesus. He had spent almost three years of his third missionary journey with them. Now, three years later, he writes to them from prison in Rome, reassuring, encouraging and continuing to teach them of God’s plan for His church: a teaching just as relevant to us today, that we have each been saved, not only for our personal benefit, but also as part of a community in Christ, to bring praise and glory to God.

It is our work with the Holy Spirit and with each other that enables us to ‘Build a community in Christ,’ a community that reaches out to and embraces all in the love of Christ, adding to our number to God’s praise and glory. In this series we shall be looking at the building blocks that we need to create, build and extend the ‘Community in Christ’ here in Pype Hayes.

This series begins on Ash Wednesday, which falls on the 17th February this year. Do join us on our zoom service at 7.30pm so that we can start ‘building’ together (Zoom details may be obtained from the church office at office.stmarysb24@gmail.com). 

During Lent our Cell Groups will be continuing daily study of Mark’s Gospel. If you would like to join a group, please contact the church office at office.stmarysb24@gmail.com and we'll be glad to connect you!