Mission Partners

The congregation of St Mary's Pype Hayes are mission partners with CPAS, Malawi, Mercy Air, and Mercy Air's Pastoral Team: Nigel and Erin Traynor, St Basil's and TearFund.

Mercy Air 

Mercy Air serve in South Africa and Mozambique. Established in 1991, Mercy Air is an independent Christian-humanitarian aid aviation service. The organization provides safe, professional and cost effective aviation service to the wider humanitarian aid and mission community in southern Africa.

Wings of love to people in need. 

Paul and Cathy Middleton, of Mercy Air.

Their website:  Mercy Air Website

Nigel and Erin Traynor with Mercy Air 

Recently, in 2018, the Reverend Nigel and Erin Traynor joined Mercy Air to work alongside them in South Africa and Mozambique. St Mary's Church is proud to stand with them in prayer support. 

Nigel and Erin Traynor

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