Social Team

Team Leader: Lyn Payant

Team Members: Kevin Payant, Evelyn Withey, Mandy England, Joyce Cox, Chris Barnsley, June Haywood and Thelma Sharpe; Erin Traynor (MAUK).


To provide a social events programme to enable community outreach which raises funds for the enduring challenges of St Mary's.

Job Description:

Regular Team Meetings to plan and coordinate events. Produce an events Calendar in advance to present to the PCC. Submit a cost analysis to the Financial team for budgetary allowance.

Tuesday Craft Group

The Tuesday Craft Group meets regularly now on Tuesdays. They initially came together to support the Social Team as they prepared for our annual Summer Fair and Christmas Fair. There is quite an espirit de corps about this group and the work they produce is lovely.

Happening in 2018