Worship Team

Team Leader:  Reader Chris Barnsley during vacancy

Team Members: Rev'd Edward Furness, Paul Cockrill, Karen Harley, Anna Whitehouse and Martin Whitehouse (prayer)

Vision: We have a two fold opportunity for vision. Firstly, to keep in mind we are the parish church of Pype Hayes and have a unique opportunity to engage in a wide variety of ways from baptisms to funerals with the people of Pype Hayes (an outward looking focus). Secondly, there is always the opportunity and privilege to grow the church gathered in its gifts in that call to build up the body of Christ (an inward looking focus). 

It is our desire as the parish church to create events and meeting points for people in their various needs in life. Each November, we gather at the Cenotaph at the front of the church building, with our local community, to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for the country. 

On All Souls Day, along with our local funeral directors, we invite all those families for whom we have had the privilege of conducting a family funeral for them. In a small symbolic act, we offer people a space and time in which to remember their loved ones. We also are with people at the beginning of their lives in baptisms and weddings where it is a great joy to see something fruitful and generous that we can thank God for in new life and new relationships. 

Job Description:

To assist St Mary’s in its mission and ministry

To grow people in their gifts

To make daring decisions

To worship God